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Massage menu

                    60 min    $75                     

90 min    $110

120 min   $150

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This massage is customized according to each clients needs, employing various massage styles and techniques and is our most popular treatment.

Deep Tissue
This massage promotes maximum pain relief. While focusing on the deeper layers of the muscles, this technique uses slow, deep strokes to release muscle tension & chronic pain to specific areas.

Lomi Lomi
This traditional Hawaiian craft is distinctive and integrates kneading and long rythmic strokes to remove rheumatism, migraine head aches, energy blocks along the meridians of the body and weariness from over exertion. A perfect remedy for jet lag or fatigue from time zone shifts.

This European form of massage emphasizes remedies to rheumatism, deep relaxation, promoting blood circulation while releasing free radicals and toxins.


Add on

15 min   $22.50

30 min    $45

Head Spa

Deeply relaxing experience where your mind will be deported in to another dimension. This scalp & facial massage is especially good for insomnia, headaches, migraines, & sinus relief.

Upgrade any treatment with a relaxing foot massage.  customize your very own foot treatment.


*Hawaii state tax will be added to all services